Day Three: Just Keep Swimming

I think most of the states finished with their bar exams yesterday. In one sense I’m Totally Jealous of those examinees for being done, but in another sense, I actually like the idea of having a few extra essays–it’s like a last clear chance doctrine. Maybe I was a little negligent in failing to learn commercial paper, but the bar exam is giving me one last chance to try to mitigate my damages (I don’t think that’s right; I’ve forgotten the LCD already!!).  But mini freakout aside, day three is nice because simply by process of elimination, everyone seems to have a decent idea what subjects will be tested today (which thankfully doesn’t include torts!!).

So if you are lucky enough to be finished, CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you spend the day filling your brain with cotton candy like activities (I’ve already purchased a bunch of gossip magazines!!) For those of you who have just a few more hours, good luck with your final studying. Just keep swimming, we’re almost there!!!

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