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Everything Sucks.

Everything sucks. That is how I feel and it is true. Even flowers die a little bit when I pass them on the street. There is nothing good.

Is law school worth it? You be the judge.

I just got off the phone with my student loan company. I can’t make the payment because I only have $96 and I can’t use what precious money I have left to pay my student loans. I don’t even know how to allocate it, but I know using all of it to pay only a portion of my past due loan payment is not the best way to do it.

Anyway, I explained to Bank of America that I just graduated from law school and was looking for work. I asked if there was any sort of deferment plan until I found a job. The Nicest Woman in the World explained to me that there was absolutely nothing they were willing could do and then added that they would be reporting my delinquencies to the credit reporting agencies. I then begged “are you sure there is nothing you can do? Nothing at all? Are you hiring? Do you need a janitor?” I started crying and told her I had already sold almost everything I own of value. She responded,

“the only way we can defer  your loans is if you go back to school.”

So there you go, ladies and gentleman, the way to solve student loan debt is to take on more student loan debt. It’s the Bank of American way!

Everything sucks.


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